Pattie Fitzgerald An Ounce of Prevention


Update for Covid-19*

Many of our in person activities have been postponed because of covid-19. We continue to meet online via Zoom calls. Currently we hold book club, movie club, story times, crafts and general meetings through Zoom. We do meet up for fitness walks (with our children walking or in strollers) in various open areas around Burbank. As the situation improves, we will resume more of our in person play groups and activities.


MOMS Club® Burbank has various playgroups for each age child – we even have a special group for moms whose kids have already gone off to school! Meeting with a small group of women facing the same challenges as you can help you remember you’re not alone!

Activity Days

Activity Days help coordinate fun outings all over Los Angeles. And keep in mind that this is the MOMS Club®, not the KIDS club! Even if your little one is too small to join in the fun, come along and just hang out with the other moms.

Moms Night Out

With a full time job as a mother, everyone needs a little fun. MNO is about you – dinner with the girls, a quick after-hours mani/pedi, movie night; there’s no end to the possibilities.

Helping Hands

Helping Hands is our program that helps mothers during times of need, such as births, illness, deaths, moving, etc. Members coordinate meals, grocery shopping, baby-sitting and more to just help out.

Clothing Swap

The yearly clothing swap gives you the perfect opportunity to clean out the closets and bring home things you’ll actually use. For every item of clothing you donate that your child has outgrown, you get to take an item as well!

Service Projects

MOMS Club® Burbank is involved in various service projects to help support local charities within our community. By participating in service projects throughout the year, our group of women are active and involved in our community.

Babysitting Co-Op

Need a few hours to run errands by yourself or dying for a date night? Join the babysitting co-op! Earn points by signing up to watch other member’s kids and then use those points for a little ‘you’ time!

Volunteering Within the Club

The quickest way to make friends is to get involved as soon as you join! Our club is run entirely by volunteers and our success is based on our members. We have committees for everything (parties, arts and crafts, playgroup coordination, community outreach, advertising and more). The more you help, the more you’ll get out of the club!